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The 90-Day Online Career Coaching Programme.

We help battle-weary executives & middle managers who feel trapped in the wrong jobs, and don't know what to do about it.
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Stressed? Exhuasted? Burnt-out?

It’s time to give your career health the TLC it deserves.

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I sacrificed so much to get where I was in my career.
But in the end, it wasn't where I wanted to be.
I couldn't keep bottling up my emotions & hiding behind a mask.
I was desperate to find a job where I could be myself.
After so many years in the same career, I'd forgotten who I was.
I was experiencing a career-identity crisis & didn't know who to talk to.
I didn't like the person my job was turning me into.
I'd had to compromise on my values to reach my career goal.
I used to spend Sundays worrying myself about work.
The stress, anxiety & loneliness led me in to unhealthy habits.
I was suffering from corporate addiction.
I was devoting my life to money, status & possessions.
I couldn't find time for the things I loved to do.
I forgot about my hobbies & rarely did any exercise.
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The benefits of our career strategies

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Fall back in love with your career

We all have an internal desire to live up to our full creative, intellectual & social potential. Find the right job for you & live out a happier working week, for the rest of your working life.

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Reposition yourself in the market

We'll teach you how to take the skills you already have & match them with jobs in new fields. We'll also get you to think about how well your natural talents & interests tie into your potentiall career moves.

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Find your next career direction

Whether you're looking to make a complete career change or simply get further in your chosen field - we've got you covered. Our career strategies are effective both long- and short-term.

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A new approach to career coaching

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A structured programme 🚀

With the NINETY Programme you'll craft your ideal career strategy. Over a carefully-planned career coaching journey, divided into three phases: Ready, Aim & Hire. You'll improve your work-life balance, work out your job options, reposition your professional reputation & learn how to create more opportunities.

  • Craft your career strategy | Set clear goals | Gain a competitive advantage.

  • Build a stronger professional reputation | Create better career tools.

  • Learn the most effective job search strategy | Network more effectively

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1-1 Online Career Coaching 💻

Your personal Career Coach will support you along the entire journey. They'll work closely with you to tackle your career dilemmas & advise you on the challenges you're facing at work. Plus, get daily access to NINETY's team of Career Guides who you can email at any time if you have questions about NINETY.

  • 1:1 Online Career Coaching sessions.

  • Daily access to NINETY's team of Career Guides.

  • All NINETY Career Coaches are experts in their field & are accredited by the CDI.

Your progress, made easy 🏆

Managing your career today should never be a chore. It should be fun, engaging & life-affirming! That's why NINETY's packed with a variety of fascinating content & thought-provoking exercises. Improve your working life in as little as 10 minutes a day.

  • Move through the programme at your own pace.

  • Share, like, comment on & write posts to the NINETY Community.

  • Engaging content | Articles | Videos | Career personality testing

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How it works


Start the online programme

Login to our unique online platform on desktop, mobile or tablet & follow the programme.


Meet with your career coach

Book in regular 1:1 meetings with your Career Coach & get an expert opinion on your working life.


Transform your career strategy

Use the insights you've gained & the guidance from your Career Coach to map out your career strategy.

Phase 2 — Aim

Your re-marketing strategy

We’ll help you reposition your professional reputation and develop better career tools. We'll then work with you to build your visibility & so potential employers can find you.

Explore Aim

A 90-day career journey

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Phase 1 — Ready

Your wellbeing strategy

'Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.' - Aristotle. We'll help you understand exactly what your ideal job looks like, so you can easily map out your best career options.

Explore Ready
Phase 3 — Hire

Your next move strategy

We’ll help you get out there and land the best job you've ever had, with a highly-effective career plan, and job search campaign so you can network & interview like a pro.

Explore Hire
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How it works

The NINETY programme is divided into three carefully-planned phases: 🚦 Ready, Aim and Hire.

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Your wellbeing strategy

'Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom'. We'll help you understand what your ideal job looks like, so you can carefully map out your best career options.

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Your communication strategy

We’ll help you present yourself well, with career tools to make you shine. We'll also work with you to raise your visibility so potential employers can find you.

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Your next move strategy

We’ll help you get out there and land the best job you've ever had, with a highly-effective career plan and job search campaign, so you can network & interview like a pro.

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About us

A message from our founder, Mike Stevenson.

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For 10 years I listened carefully to the hopes & dreams of hundreds of people looking to make their next career move. They shared the career dilemmas they faced, along with the frustrations & anxieties holding them back.

Managing a career isn’t easy. In an environment that’s constantly changing, it’s no wonder most of us do a poor job of managing our careers. No one’s shown us how; we simply don’t know how to go about it.

That’s why I created NINETY. To help you find the best job you’ve ever had.

Take a look through our member highlights from the first wave of  NINETY. All of the participants moved on to find the best jobs they've ever had.

Due to advances in technology, Mike's dream job came to an end. Equipped with the latest career techniques, he found a new direction & a job he enjoys.

Overwhelmed working in central London, Sian decided enough was enough. With expert support & guidance, she found freedom working for the National Trust.

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