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About us

Our coaching team is comprised of accredited UK careers advisors and a range of different specialists, each catering to their own area of expertise — recruitment, LinkedIn, personal marketing, and so forth.

Mike Stevenson NINETY

Mike Stevenson

Managing Director & Founder

As Marketing Director at Michael Page International I was struck by one thing — the sheer number of people coming to the recruitment agency for careers help and guidance. Page are great at what they do, but like most recruitment agencies, aren’t geared to providing the  support individuals need to help them work out their next career move. Recruiters want you, and expect you to be ready to go, and this leaves so many individuals with career dilemmas and  nowhere to turn.

The idea for NINETY was born.

I started closely observing the behaviours of the 12% — the top talent in high demand from employers. I wanted to understand precisely what they were doing so right that the other 88% could learn from.

At Randstad I established a project called How I became generating hundreds of sights we called ‘One piece of advice’. These insights helped me understand the ingredients to achieve fulfilment at work. It's a guide, a roadmap, for your career goals and ambitions, the career decisions you take, and the relationship you build with work.

Most people fail to unleash their natural talents at work — and consequently never get the jobs they deserve — because they’ve never been shown how to properly manage their careers. People are looking for career guidance but don’t know where to go to find it.

This is why I started NINETY. To provide a cost-effective career coaching solution that works for everyone. Together, let's find you the best job you’ve ever had.

Dave Cordle

Head of Career Coaching

Dave is President of The CDI, the UK’s professional body for Career Development Professionals, and a highly experienced Career Coach. He is accredited as a Career Management Fellow (CMF) by the Institute of Career Certification International, and is a UK Registered Career Development Professional (RCDP) held by the Career Development Institute.

It was only after two earlier successful careers, firstly in cartography and then in computer systems development, that Dave found his true passion: helping people create work they love that supports their chosen lifestyle. Since 2001 he has worked with thousands of people at all levels, at all stages of their career, and across a wide range of professions, helping them to achieve just that.

“I love NINETY because if fits so well with my mission of empowering everybody with the skills to seek and get work that they love”

Away from work, Dave has a love of the mountains, having undertaken expeditions to the great ranges and polar regions. He volunteers in scouting and as a swimming teacher for young people.

NINETY Career Guide Rocio

Rocio Pastor Guevara

Head of Career Guides

We know making your next career move can be a lonely place, so it's our job to be there for you. You'll find my team of Career Guides a big support throughout your journey as you scale the three NINETY peaks: Ready, Aim & Hire.

Whether you have a question about the Programme, an admin-related issue, or want a bit of a pep-talk we're here. You may want help choosing your Career Coach, connecting with other like-minded members, or simply just want to check-in, then feel free to say hello.

NINETY Career Guides have varied backgrounds — but the one thing we all have in common is our passion to help people find fulfilling work. Wherever you live and work, we will help you tackle some of the most challenging career dilemmas.

A NINETY Guide’s career training is rigorous, and our regular professional development training keeps us  up to date with the latest techniques and standards.

NINETY Careers coaching logo 3-bars black

What we believe

At NINETY we believe everyone is unique

Everyone is Unique

We all have unique talents and interests, which means that no two people's career strategy should look the same. That's why we believe it's vital to tailor our expert advice to each person's distinct nature.

Life's too precious to waste in the wrong job

Life's too precious to waste in the wrong job.

On average, we spend 50% of waking hours at work. Can we really afford to dedicate this time to a job we don't enjoy? We think not. A painter must paint, a writer must write; what each of us can be, we must be.

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Anyone can find a career they truly love.

With the right guidance, we believe that anyone can discover a fulfilling career. It's our mission to lead you from grinning and bearing a job you're not engaged with, to finding a job you love.

We believe everyone is unique.
- there is only one you -

We believe that life’s too precious to waste in the wrong job.
A painter must paint. A writer must write.
So it follows that whatever each of us can be, we must be.
'Only you can decide how to invest the time that been given to you.'

We’re guided by an inherent sense of purpose
and seek to discover the best version of ourselves.
We can unleash the full power of our talents.

Our values and ethics are important to us.
We have a strong sense of responsibility, and feel
compelled to make a difference in the world
- however small.

We’re motivated by personal growth
and life-long learning.
The journey to self discovery takes courage
but the rewards are truly worth it.

We recognise that enduring the hardships of life
is part of the learning experience.
Building perspective from the toughest of times,
inspires us to further growth.

We’re autonomous, and don’t need anyone to motivate us.
We can achieve great feats on our own.
We refuse to be led by the tribe,
and believe in our own identity.

At the same time, we greatly value mentorship and advice from others.
We aren’t afraid to share our emotions,
and form deep, profound, and lasting relationships.
We’re compassionate and tolerant of others,
and always strive to be kind.

We’re not afraid of change.
In fact, we embrace it.
The unknown cultivates our curiosity.
With an idea, determination, and the right tools,
we believe that anything is possible.

Doors will open.
Opportunities will present themselves.
Our instincts, intellect, and heart
guide us in everything we do.

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Our approach

The NINETY programme is designed to use all aspects of your personality to help you make better career decisions and secure that brilliant job.

Career IQ

Intelligence Quotient

It’s important to make career decisions using your head.  Assess your skills and expertise to determine your options, whether there are gaps in your knowledge and experience that need to be filled, and whether there are future threats to your chosen career.

Career EQ

Emotional Quotient

At the same time, you should also learn to trust your gut instinct. Deep down, you know what your personal priorities are and what will make you happy. You need to find the balance in your working life that will work best for you.

Career LQ

Love Quotient

It’s what we do for others that brings us true fulfilment. The collaborative nature of the NINETY programme will help you to achieve this. And beyond that, finding a position where you can make a difference and be useful to others will bring real, lasting satisfaction. Decision making from the heart.

Inspired by Neurodidactics

The NINETY Programme combines neurodidactics with game-like features to help stimulate you, and grab your attention to engage, learn, and develop new habits.

Neurodidactics blends neuroscience with education, and tells us that people learn best in a ratio of 70/20/10:

  • 70 % Practical — learn by doing, completing the self-assessment exercises and doing your own research.
  • 20 % Collaborative — engage with, and provide feedback for, your fellow NINETY members.
  • 10% Formal — receive 1-1 advice from an expert Career Coach.



You’ll be supported on your journey by your personal team experts: career coach, a personal marketing mentor, and a recruiting coach.



A series of thought-proving
modules and self-assessment exercises will guide you, step-by-step, through the 90 day career and job search programme.



You’ll be undertaking the adventure with a small group of like-minded career companions. You’ll encourage each other, inspire each other, and help each other tackle challenging questions.

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Career Coaching Breakdown

Timing Options

Platform Options

20 / 40 / 60 minutes, conducted at times to suit you.

Skype / Zoom / Teams / Facetime / Google Meet.

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black NINETY Careers 3 bar logo

Our mission

At NINETY, we’re here to help you listen to your authentic self, unleash the full power of your natural talents and gain a deep sense of fulfilment at work.

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NINETY helps you to find your direction