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The benefits of NINETY career coaching

Find the best job you've ever had.


Find the right job for you.

When you know yourself, you’re able to make better career decisions and find your ideal job — and success, happiness and fulfilment in the process.

  • An objective view about your career options and next career move from your career coach who cares about your future.
  • Understand what your Top 10 greatest strengths are.
  • Discover how you can make a difference in the world.

Be found by at least 3x more employers & recruiters.


Be found by 3x more employers recruiters.

Develop a distinct professional reputation that ensures you’re well-known and in-demand by 3x more employers, recruiters and headhunters. The people that have the jobs you want.

  • Build an active, healthy career network that delivers over twice as many potential opportunities to you.
  • Become known as an expert in your chosen specialism.

Land the right job, 40% faster.


Land the right job, 40% faster.

Stay relevant, keep your career up-to-date, and gain an unfair advantage over other candidates by learning and applying the latest job search techniques.

  • Reduce your competition by accessing the jobs you want before they’re advertised.
  • Develop a strategy that puts you in control of your next career move.
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The NINETY Perks

save time at work

Save Time

Life is short. Don't waste time in the wrong career or moving from job to job without an effective strategy. Get expert guidance, and discover the fastest route to the job you want.

affordable career coaching


We believe that everyone deserves access to top-quality career coaching. With NINETY, you could save as much as 50% on 1-to-1 sessions with a UK-based careers advisor.

modern careers advice

Contemporary Advice

Staying up to date with the latest recruitment trends can be challenging. That's why we've compiled the most essential contemporary careers advice into one online course.

know your job strengths

Know yourself

Our self-assessment exercises will help you to know yourself better. What are your greatest strengths? What kind of people do you want to work with? Where do you find your flow?

build your professional reputation

Boost your Reputation

Our career coaches will guide you in building a strong professional reputation; one that positions you as an approachable expert in your field.

do better in job interviews

Perform in Interviews

We'll help you to prepare answers to the most common interview questions. More than that, we'll explain the reasoning behind those questions; what is the interviewer really trying to find out?

new jobseeker rules

Learn the 9 New Rules

Learn the 9 new rules of career management and find a better job 40% faster.

find your career options

Discover your options

With help from your career coach, uncover the best career options for you right now. Find the route to the best job you've ever had.

be seen by employers and recruiters

Improve your Visibility

Generate 65% more approaches from employers and recruiters by boosting your career visibility.

up to date career strategies

Stay Relevant

Keep your career on track in today's ever-changing employment market. With AI taking over many job roles, now's the time to get clued up.

get approached by recruiters

Get approached

By improving your professional visibility & reputation, you could receive 3x as many calls from potential employers and recruiters.

get more job offers

Receive more job offers

Once you've completed the NINETY programme, you'll be in a position to receive more job offers than ever before.

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Equip your Career Tools

icon improve your cv

Bulletproof CV

ATS systems reject up to 75% of CVs before they ever reach a real person. We'll help you to bulletproof your CV and ensure you bypass these dreaded "Resumé Robots".

how to write a good covering letter

Covering Letter

83% of HR specialists say cover letters are an important part of their hiring decision. We'll guide you in writing & tailoring your letters for the different roles you're applying for.

create a video cv

Video Resumé

For certain job types, a video CV can be a great addition to your career toolkit. Be different, give off a lasting impression & secure a better job.

how to write a brand promise

Your Brand Promise

Craft a strong brand promise to help you focus your reputation to satisfy the needs of important people throughout your career.

icon make an online portfolio

Online Portfolio

Online resumés can raise your visibility & give off a great 1st impression to potential employers. We'll advise you on the best ways of getting yourself out there.

professional bio tips

Professional Biography

Get advice on writing a strong professional biography. Don't wait to be asked to 'shoot one over' by email — prepare yourself well in advance if you want it to be effective.

what's your core expertise?

Your One Thing

What should you be known for? What's your 'one thing'? Knowing your expertise goes a long way toward building a strong professional reputation.

how to write a career positioning statement

Elevator Pitch

Learn how to write and deliver an effective elevator pitch that tells people who you are and what you do in a way that gets you remembered (and for all the right reasons!).

how to explain why you left your job

Exit Statement

How do you explain why you left your previous position to your new hiring manager? We'll share the best approach, and will help you to write an exit story tailored to you.

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Optimise Your Networking

linkedin tips and advice

LinkedIn Advice

LinkedIn is the best online networking tool on the planet, but how should you use it? We'll explain exactly what to do and how to use it in your long term career strategy.

career networking strategy

Networking Strategy

More than 70% of people land jobs through networking. NINETY will improve your networking skills & equip you with lasting confidence for the rest of your career.

hidden job market

Hidden Pathways

Find out how you can avoid the competition in the published job market & track down the positions you want before they ever get advertised.

career support network


You wont be travelling alone, you'll be able to discuss any issues or interesting content with the other NINETY members through our community space.

build a career support team

Career Support Team

Nobody should manage their career alone . Our expert coaches will advise you on the best ways to build a career support team to help with your long-term career strategy.

social media for jobseekers

Social Networking

Learn how to effectively use social networks in your job search & long-term career strategy. From Facebook to Instagram, receive quality advice that gets you noticed.

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Career Dilemma Stay Relevant

My career dilemma:

"I was working in my dream job, but advances in technology made it hard to survive. My NINETY coaches helped me to rediscover myself and create a powerful career strategy."

Mike Keen, Music Industry