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What are the benefits of career coaching?

Career coaching is gaining popularity more people are becoming aware of it's benefits. We believe that every person should have a career coach to turn to. Hence, our long-term vision: 'a coach for every career'.

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  • Gain a better understanding of who you are & how you should relate to work.

  • Get a clear sense of direction for your next job move, & long-term career strategy.

  • Feel supported, & reassured that you're making the right decisions for your career.

  • Identify your best job options & the company cultures where you'll thrive.

  • Create more effective job applications, with expert guidance on every step.

  • Develop a stronger career network, which helps you secure more job opportunities.

  • Land the right job; one that plays to your natural strengths & interests.

  • Find a new sense of purpose & and draw meaning from the work you do.


What can you expect after completing a Career Coaching Programme?

Psychological outcomes:

  • Reduced stress, anxiety & risk of burnout.

  • Increased confidence in self, at work & in job interviews.

  • Fewer bottled-up emotions, feel like yourself at work.

  • Boosted self-esteem, and career optimism.

  • Improved sense of balance between work & play.

  • Diminished feelings of Imposter Syndrome.

Professional outcomes:

  • Salary increases, often covering the costs of career coaching.

  • A stronger reputation & greater visibility to potential employers.

  • More job offers, from companies you want to work for.

  • Quicker advancement & promotions within organisations.

  • More freedom & flexibility around your job.

  • Stay relevant & up-to-date with the latest job trends.

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Want to take part in the NINETY programme?

Book a free, no-obligation strategy session with one of our Career Guides. We'd be happy to answer any questions you have, and will help you determine if Career Coaching is right for you.

Career Dilemma Stay Relevant

My career dilemma:

"I was working in my dream job, but advances in technology made it hard to survive. My Career Coach helped me to rediscover myself and create a powerful career strategy."

Mike Keen, Music Industry
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