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Why join the NINETY Programme?

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Hattie's Story

At NINETY, we're big fans of Hattie Briggs. We love her music, and we also love her approach to her career. Whilst studying Russian at Oxford University, Hattie made a brave decision — to quit in her 2nd year to pursue her career in music.  

There are things in life you can’t not do, and if they’re taken away from you, then your life would be totally different.

— Hattie Briggs, Musician.

When we first explained our hopes and dreams around building NINETY, Hattie very kindly wrote a song called 'You’ve got something more'.

For us, the song sums up the very sentiment of NINETY — how important it is for us all to make the most of our lives, and unleash the potential of our natural talents.

Our favourite track by Hattie is 'Just breathe'. Check it out on Spotify:

'You’ve got something more' is a song written for NINETY by Hattie Briggs.

The wrong career move can seriously damage your health.

Feeling weary, exhausted or burnt out? Bored, overstressed, under appreciated. Fed up of the bullshit politics, and the game-playing? Frustrated that you’re failing to make the most of your talents?

When were you last asked about your career health? We spend 50% of our waking hours (Monday to Friday) at work, so giving your whole self to the wrong job is incredibly damaging.

At NINETY, we’re here to help you solve your career dilemmas, and gain a deep sense of fulfilment at work and in the rest of your life.

It's time to make the most of the time you've been given. It's time to start making a difference by embarking on something worth doing. After all, life's too precious to waste in the wrong job.

The life you ought to be living awaits — and we’re waiting to help you find it.

You need NINETY... to survive

The first priority is to protect your career against the threats stacked against it. Because no one’s going to catch you when you fall.

The world of work has changed.

In this ever-changing, fractured career landscape we have to be prepared for interruptions. We need to develop the flexibility to adapt to events as they occur, to ensure they don’t turn into serious career crises. Yet very few of us do this.

We get our cars checked regularly. We do the same with our teeth. If we get the feeling that our health is not as good as it should be, we go to see the doctor.

But we don’t make career management part of our regular routine, or take action when we first start to sense that things are going wrong. As a result, we can be horribly caught out and feel completely helpless when, for example, redundancy strikes.

At NINETY, we’ll help you take control of your career – so you anticipate and avoid crises before they occur.

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You need NINETY... to stay ahead

To keep your career moving forward successfully, you need to learn the new rules of career management.
The job market has changed.

Many of us think the old ways of finding a job still apply; that a quick call to a friendly recruitment consultant will soon sort us out. Not so.

We need to learn the new rules of engagement and how to manage our careers. But no one has ever told us how to do this, from school and university onwards.

Employers are becoming increasingly choosy since they have so many well-qualified candidates to choose from. They can look for a perfect fit against their criteria.

It’s imperative that we learn how to navigate the new job market – and quickly. Because today, the best jobs are going to the best job seekers – not necessarily the best candidates.

At NINETY, we’ll show you how to approach organisations for a job even before a vacancy been announced and secure your dream role.

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You need NINETY... to thrive

To flourish in your career, and be fulfilled by it, you have to be prepared to make a leap.

How many of us are actively thriving in our jobs?

Not many, it seems. 64% of us are in jobs we readily admit we would leave if we could.

It’s important to take stock and assess where we really want to go with our lives and careers. It may well be that we have to make a leap. This could mean a promotion, a change of career direction or a more radical transition to a completely new path altogether.
Such a shift needs to be initiated well in advance. We mustn’t wait until a crisis looms to make a change. We have to prepare properly, principally by building our career reputation and personal brand.

This is absolutely essential. With so many highly-qualified and experienced people out there, it’s your reputation and the way you present yourself that will help you stand out and get the job.

At NINETY, we’ll help you define your competitive advantage to make you more attractive to the organisations you want to move to.

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What’s the difference between wishing you had a new job you love, and finding one?
We admit it. Our programme to help you find a great job is challenging.
But it’s not as hard as staying for years in a job you don’t like.
How much do you really want to find a fantastic new job?
If you answered ‘really really’, get in touch.
I’d gone as stale as old bread in my old career.
Finding the right job has given me a new lease of life. And I’ve found myself again.
NINETY Careers Ikigai diagram

We'll help you find clarity in your life.

The everyday hustle and bustle of life, plus our desire to get every last second out of the weekend, keeps us from thinking about the two big career questions: What do I want out of my career? Why do I do what I do?

The NINETY Programme has been designed to help you tackle them. To take the time to reflect, find a way to resolve them, and grow.

We aim to play a special part in your career journey. By working closely with you, to help you listen to your inner wisdom, to help you find your own unique path, and live a life of truth.

Using inspirational thinking, such as the Japanese concept of Ikigai, we’ll help you to clarify your thoughts, and what’s important to you.

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