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Career health

Your job is a key contributor to your overall health & wellbeing.

When we're in the right job, we feel energised, motivated and satisfied with the way we're spending our lives. When we're in the wrong job, we feel stressed, anxious and burnt out.

Career health is an essential component of our overall wellbeing. So, it's important to give it the care & attention it deserves.

Physical Health
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Does work interfere with your ability to eat, sleep, exercise & stay in good physical health?

Mental Health
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Does your job affect your mental health, causing stress, anxiety, or even depression?

Financial Health
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Does the work you do allow you to live your life comfortably, without stressing about the bills?

Social Health
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Are you able to spend enough time with the important people in your life, like your friends & family?

Spiritual Health
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Do you feel like the work you do is meaningful, and has a greater purpose to work toward?

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What's affecting your career health?

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Work-related stress.

Are your responsibilities at work creating stress, ill-health & sleepless nights?

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Anxiety at work

Do you feel nervous about going to work? And like you're having to watch your back?

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Work Depression

Work depression

Feeling like there's no meaning to your job? Does work leave a void in your life?

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Corporate addiction

Has the corporate world taken over your life? Lonely, out of balance, unsure what to do?

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Something else?

Facing an issue we haven't covered here? Reach out to our experts today.

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Knowing when it's time for a change.

Sometimes it is hard to know when you are ready to make a positive change. You may have been in your current job for a decade, but if that loyalty isn’t being rewarded then it is worth looking for somewhere that will value you.

Whenever you are looking at changing your work, you have to look at your work-life balance. Ask yourself if your job is allowing you to pursue your creative outlets or hobbies and if you have enough time for your family and friends. If you are unable to switch off when you come home or you are regularly being called in on your days off, this can lead to serious burnout and affect your mental well-being.

When work has got you down, look for the silver linings in your life. Spend time with the people that celebrate your successes and are there for you during the hard times. Evaluate if you feel your best around work colleagues, friends or family. You may need to dedicate more time to socialising outside of work.

Consider if you need a career change or a change of employer. If you love the work you do but struggle with certain members of staff or an organisation’s ethos, you can look to another employer for a similar role. However, if your job is not fulfilling and you are bored and uninspired, it may be time for a career change.

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