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Unleash your full potential

At NINETY, we’re here to help you solve your career dilemmas, unleash the full power of your natural talents and gain a deep sense of fulfilment at work.

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Your Wellbeing Strategy

The biggest mistake people make with their careers — they fail to know themselves, and in doing so they fail to understand what their ideal job looks like. We’ll help you to get to know yourself better, map out your career options, and see what your ideal job looks like.

NINETY Career Coaching Programme Module 1


Time for your career audit.

What does work mean to you? What motivates you? What are your personal career goals? To achieve your personal ambition, first you have to know what they are.

NINETY Careers module 2 shield


Your greatest strengths.

When you’re clear what your Top 5 Greatest Strengths are — and you focus on them everyday — you can boost your career performance by a staggering 60% or more.

NINETY Careers module 3 shield


Sync work with the rest of your life.

A healthy salary is an important criteria for your next career move — but creating a balance with the rest of your life is just as critical. Discover the freedom to live the life you want.

NINETY Careers module 4 shield


Start making a difference, now.

Understand why talented, successful individuals today are taking time to define their career purpose. Find your own Why?. And start making a difference of your own.

NINETY Careers module 5 shield


Discover your ideal job.

With the confidence of knowing what your next career move is — and why — you’ll stay relevant, thrive, and join the illustrious 12% of people who love their working lives.

NINETY Careers module 6 shield


Consider your career options.

Plan your career, or simply let things happen? The planned happenstance approach combines the discipline of career planning with the nimbleness to seize opportunities as they arise.

I'm really looking forward to the social media module because I know I need to work on my LinkedIn profile, and I know I need to have a better presence out there about myself.
Mike Keen - NINETY Alumni.
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Your Re-Marketing Strategy

The second big mistake people make with their careers is failing to sell themselves and what they can do effectively, both online and at interview. We’ll help you market yourself well and raise your visibility so potential employers find you.

NINETY Careers module 7 shield


What’s you career story?

What makes you special? Why should an employer shortlist you? Make sure your CV stands out by adding a compelling career story — and improve your success rate from application to interview by x3.

NINETY Careers module 8 shield


Time to boost your reputation.

What do your business contacts think about you? What’s your reputation based on? How strong is it? Important questions, because today it’s no longer good enough to let others manage your reputation for you.

NINETY Careers module 9 shield


Get recommended.

Build a LinkedIn profile that catches the recruiter and employer’s attention. We’ll show you the best way to build your first-degree network connections, and get the quality recommendations that make the difference.

NINETY Careers module 10 shield


Time to raise your profile.

Be found. Today there are more ways than ever to put your professional image out there. This is a truly great thing — being visible is vital so you can be found by employers searching for your talents.

NINETY Careers module 11 shield


What’s your brand promise?

What’s your one thing? As a professional, what do you promise you’ll deliver for an employer? Like all successful career strategists, it’s time to create your brand promise.

NINETY Careers module 12 shield


Go the extra mile.

The best career strategists today are more connected and more visible than ever before. They go the extra mile to really stand out. It’s time you joined them.

I should've received career coaching many years ago... I think that would've made me a better headteacher.
Paul Kehoe — NINETY Alumni.
NINETY Careers HIRE shield

Your Next Move Strategy

Finally, we’ll help you to move forward with a highly effective career plan and job search campaign that’s based on your ideal job. Networking, interview preparation and rehearsal, negotiating the right package, and choosing the best offer.

NINETY Careers module 13 shield


Create a smart career plan.

To land the best job you’ve ever had, you need a strategy. One that puts you in control, provides a great support team around you, and delivers the maximum career opportunities.

NINETY Careers module 14 shield


Jump ahead of your competition.

The average job attracts over 300 applicants. Fancy bypassing the competition and securing your next career move before it ever gets advertised? We'll show you how.

NINETY Careers module 15 shield


Let’s get social.

Does networking send shivers down your spine? It’s time to feel comfortable, and even enjoy, building a strong network of your own to unlock your best career opportunities today.

NINETY Careers module 16 shield


Make friends with recruiters.

Develop a strong professional friendship with the best recruitment consultants in your field — and be the first person they call when the briefs for your ideal role land on their desk.

NINETY Careers module 17 shield


Apply, selectively.

Avoid the classic pitfalls in the hiring process — boost your chances of being selected for interview by 40%, and lose the fear of the dreaded psychometric tests too.

NINETY Careers module 18 shield


Knock the interview out of the park.

Ambiguous questions like ‘tell me about yourself’ can trip us up at the start. We need to prepare, understand the question-behind-the question, and allow our true selves to shine through.

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Module breakdown

Each module is broken down into 5 sections, designed to help you learn more effectively.

NINETY challenge icon


Understand the aims of the module & which aspects of your career you'll be focusing on.

NINETY briefing icon


Work through the written & video content at your own pace & develop your career skills.

NINETY research icon


Do some optional research & share your findings with the NINETY community.

NINETY exercise icon


Follow the interactive exercises to apply what you've learned to your career.

NINETY feedback icon


Receive feedback from the NINETY team & provide optional feedback to other members.

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